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HDR Photos of Edinburgh, Scotland

July 24th, 2011 by Rick

Edinburgh is an amazing place!  During a very short visit, I was able to capture its beauty in a set of HDR images.  See them here.   Enjoy!

Photos of London

July 23rd, 2011 by Rick

Last week I was in London on business and our group had an opportunity to look around the city.  There are two galleries of London photos – one contains all HDR versions of the pictures and the other contains “traditional” photos.  Enjoy!

We also ventured to Edinburgh by train.  Those galleries will follow soon!

Las Vegas Snapshots

December 2nd, 2010 by Rick

Last night I ended up at the Aria and on the Las Vegas Strip with the D7000.  I had a chance to shoot, but with conditions – handheld only, and do it without unduly slowing down the people I was with (my boss and her boss).  They’re both patient and accommodating, but they didn’t come to watch me take pictures…

Within those boundaries, I think things worked out pretty well.  I was shooting bracketed for HDR (all of the gallery photos went through Photomatix).  The D7000 did great – I shot at 1600 ISO, at F2.8 with my Nikon 17-55.  The Aria is full of interesting sights and of course the strip is always interesting…  It reminded me that although I live here in Vegas, I don’t get down to the strip as often as I should to shoot photos.


Nikon D7000 Continues to Impress

November 28th, 2010 by Rick

Over the long weekend, I had a chance to shoot more photos with the D7000.  These three photos in Lake Havasu City, Arizona were bracketed and processed with Photomatix.

This image of the London Bridge was taken about 30 minutes before sunrise.

A few minutes later, I found my way to the top of the bridge and took another series of bracketed photos of Havasu’s “founding fathers”.

A few minutes after sunrise, I made my way out to the edge of the lake.  Combining multiple images helps to smooth out the water (it was just a bit windy).

I continue to be impressed with the images I’m getting out of the D7000!  For a few more examples from “Lake Havasu City in November”, check out the gallery!  You’ll find a few more HDR images along with some single exposure, “native” photos.


Las Vegas Skyline with D7000

November 23rd, 2010 by Rick

I recently had the opportunity to shoot the Las Vegas skyline with friend Eddie Yerkish and the D7000.  Eddie is a great photographer – be sure to check out his work at http://www.eyphotogallery.com/

It was a cold and very windy evening on top of a local hill.  So windy, in fact, that our tripods would blow over if we weren’t careful!  Despite the challenge of keeping the camera still in the high wind, I ended up with some nice shots!  This single exposure shows the Las Vegas Strip from the southwest looking northeast.

Photomatix already supports Nikon’s camera raw format.  Thanks to Eddie’s eye for composition, I got a series of great shots of the Las Vegas Strip and the rising full moon framed through this rustic shelter window.  Photomatix made the HDR easy.

The high winds were part of a storm that left snow on the mountains west of Las Vegas earlier in the day.  Although most of the storm had moved out before we started shooting, the remaining clouds glowed at dusk.  Las Vegas is a surreal city, so the surreal look of HDR fits!

The D7000 did an admirable job of capturing these scenes.  I’m still getting used to all of the extra pixels that the 16 megapixel sensor captures.  The noise was low (as expected at 100 ISO).  I also shot a few videos which I’ll post later.


The Photo Gallery is Revamped!

July 27th, 2010 by Rick

My photo gallery has been updated!  Up until several months ago, I offered photos for sale.  At that point, I chose a Lightroom gallery that enabled e-commerce.  While it was OK, it was Flash based (not so great for iPhone / iPad users) and it was a little quirky.  When I stopped selling photos online (long story for another time), I chose to upgrade to a new gallery from The Turning Gate.  I think its a more elegant design, it doesn’t require Flash, it is easier to maintain and it is more functional. Read the rest of this entry »

Upcoming Photographic Opportunities

October 20th, 2008 by Rick

Time for a teaser… Today I’m on my way to Reno where i hope to fund some time to add to the photo collection. Even better is that on Thursday, I’m headed up to a lodge on the edge of Zion National Park for a few days. I’m hopeful that the fall colors will be in abundance on top of the usual Zion sites. Check back soon for updates!


Gallery Pictures of People in Public Places

October 7th, 2008 by Rick

Call me a stickler.  With all of the pictures I take – and there are many – not all of them are posted for sale in the gallery.  Sometimes, you’ll come across a picture in the gallery with a person in it.  Usually, it’s just someone that was naturally in the photo. A great example is this one from the Super Run gallery.  Nice guy, I’m sure.  He was at the car show and maybe even owned one of the cars.  Taking the picture is fine and legal enough, but as nice as the picture of the Camaro is, I didn’t get a photo release from this guy.  So, for me to offer this one for sale wouldn’t be right.  Sigh. Read the rest of this entry »

2008 Super Run Gallery

October 6th, 2008 by Rick

Now that the initial move of the blog is over, I thought I’d post a little more information about the 2008 Super Run that I shot pictures of last weekend. The event was awesome… Henderson’s main street was shut down for several blocks, and there was nothing but beautiful cars being showcased.

With the huge number of people that turned out for the event, it was a bit tough getting shots of the cars by themselves. I was there on Saturday, so there were tons of folks out enjoying the beautiful weather and sights. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to see everything… too many cars and too little time. Overall, I shot just over 300 photos – almost 250 of them are displayed in the gallery.

Take a peek and let me know what you think. Remember that you can browse to your heart’s content – and if you like something, you can buy it right online. Whether you want a print or just something for your personal blog, you’ll surely find one that you’ll love!

Site Updates & New Gallery

October 5th, 2008 by Rick

The move is under way!  The place is definitely taking on more of a photography site feel, now that I’m purposefully moving it in that direction.  There are many changes yet to come, but there are links between the Lautenbach Photography Galleries and this blog.  The return trip from the gallery page is the “blog” link in the header.

Right now, visitors to www.lautenbachphotography.com still land on the galleries first.  That’s not the best for search engine optimization since it is a flash site, but changing it will have to wait until a bit later.

While you’re visiting our galleries, don’t forget to check out some of the latest pictures!  Last weekend, I was out at an awesome car show in Henderson, NV called the “Super Run”.  It was chock full of beautiful hot rods of all types – muscle cars, antiques, dragsters and more.  Click here for the 2008 Super Run gallery page (alternately found under “Events” if you surf into the main gallery page).