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Lack O’ Tech

August 11th, 2008 by Rick

It’s not often anymore that I get wrapped so tight in my job and life that I have a relative tech-free period. In this case, it was 5 days. Yes, f-i-v-e days.

Thursday through Monday (yes, over a weekend) I went without much of the normal geek stuff. A bit of TV, but that hardly counts anyway. A quick look on the Internet before and after work, but not much more. Now, on the plane ride home, life is about to get back to normal. Whew.

Required Equipment

August 7th, 2008 by Rick

So, I was getting my gear bag ready for a five day out of state trip. It occurred to me that being a geek requires a lot of stuff. Also, I hate checking bags, so all of my stuff has to be carried on. Two bags, clothes for 5 days Read the rest of this entry »