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Ultra Mobile WiFi Hotspot with WMWiFiRouter

March 3rd, 2009 by Rick

Every Friday, I try to set aside a little time for a geeky “Friday afternoon project”.  It usually starts with an idea and sometimes it takes many days (or even weeks) to figure out if the idea can work.  Last Friday, I found myself wondering whether I could turn the 3G internet connection on my Windows Mobile 6.1 cell phone (a Palm Treo 800W) into a WiFi hotspot that I could share with a computer (or multiple computers).  I found the answer and had it working within an hour – using WMWiFiRouter.  Amazing.

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TV for Geeks

March 3rd, 2009 by Rick

Cali Lewis bills herself as a happy, shiny geek girl and she does a great job of being very entertaining while keeping the world abreast of the latest geekery.  Cali runs several sites, but the “must see” is GeekBrief TV (www.geekbrief.tv).

Each day, Cali posts a new video segment that covers a timely technological topic.  Her show is well produced (with the help of her husband Neil) and her sense of humor makes each segment a have-to-see even if the geek topic for the days doesn’t seem interesting (be sure to stay past the credits for a little added entertainment).

She covers computing, home entertainment, Web 2.0, mobile tech, portable lasers, bacon (you have to see it to understand!) and more.  She talks fast, is engaging and keeps it lively.  In addition to the Flash based video on the site, Cali makes each show available on iTunes.  She is an active blogger, is frequently on Twitter and has several other productions.  If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest in tech, be sure to check out Cali’s shows!


Long Overdue Update

March 3rd, 2009 by Rick

Wow. It’s been way too long. The time has flown and both my photography and my geekery have moved forward nicely. So, it’s time to catch up here and then catch up on the galleries.

I’ll make separate entries in the blog, but want to give you some great info on several different topics. I’ve found myself exploring high dynamic range photography (HDR), found an awesome geek web site that you have to check out an awesome program that takes the 3G data connection from your Windows Mobile smartphone and turns it into a WiFi hotspot. Amazing stuff…!