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High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

March 6th, 2010 by Rick

HDR photography has me excited. I have a decent DSLR camera and can (occasionally) take a good picture. But, some scenes just never seem to look as compelling in the picture as they are in real life. Thinking about it, and reading up about it on the latest photog sites, it became clearer.

Many scenes have such variation between the shadows and the highlights aren’t well replicated in a normal image. It turns out that our eyes can process wider ranges than cameras today can capture – “dynamic range”. So, “high dynamic range” imaging infers that capturing this range is possible with relatively normal cameras. The trick is to capture the full range of the scene by taking a series of pictures, and then combining them into one image. By bracketing exposures and using software to align and combine the photos, this becomes possible.

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