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Welcome to Lautenbach Photography – Site Info

From here, you can see the latest blog posts or visit our gallery.  The gallery contains images for your viewing pleasure!  Although I’ve stopped selling images, there is something for everyone – motorsports, landscapes, architecture….  check it out!

The photographs you’ll find here are mine – original creations.  They focus on some of the subjects that are interesting to me – landscapes, cityscapes, cars, off-roading. Since I’ve stopped selling them, I’m taking down the e-commerce portion of the site.  But, if you see something you want, contact me.

The photographs you see here will typically be from the desert southwest.  You’ll see many photos from the Las Vegas area (desert racing, landscapes and such) as well as cities that visit.  Since I frequently travel for business, I take my camera with me and try to get at least a few cool shots.  So, you’ll also see stuff from “far away” places like Newport Beach, CA, Spokane, WA and Minneapolis, MN.

Also, you’ll find occasional ramblings about technology, the internet, and other geeky topics in the blog.  There are all sorts of things that I dabble in to make life easier, faster or more efficient.  The “because we can” mantra definitely applies… I’m absolutely guilty of using technology to find a solution to a “problem” – even when the problem may not have been worth solving.  Go the earliest blog entries and you’ll see what I mean…

I hope you enjoy the site, the pictures and the blog!  Don’t forget to leave comments or send me an e-mail!