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Ultra Mobile WiFi Hotspot with WMWiFiRouter

March 3rd, 2009 by Rick

Every Friday, I try to set aside a little time for a geeky “Friday afternoon project”.  It usually starts with an idea and sometimes it takes many days (or even weeks) to figure out if the idea can work.  Last Friday, I found myself wondering whether I could turn the 3G internet connection on my Windows Mobile 6.1 cell phone (a Palm Treo 800W) into a WiFi hotspot that I could share with a computer (or multiple computers).  I found the answer and had it working within an hour – using WMWiFiRouter.  Amazing.

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October 13th, 2008 by Rick

We’re moving forward…  The blog is up, the design feels good and the blog bots are starting to crawl through.  Although nobody has left any comments yet, the stats show that more and more people are starting to make their way into the blog to check out the content.  This brings me to a key point – promotion…  I tend to be really conservative about self-promotion.  I guess that goes for advertising my online presence as well.  I’m not terribly fond of popping into others’ blogs and shamelessly dropping links back here.  Should I?  Yes, according to current netiquite guidelines (appropriately, of course).  I’ll try to get better at that, but in the mean time I could use your help.

If you like what you see here, leave a comment.  If you don’t like what you see here – leave a comment.  Is it my commentary?  Is it the pictures?  Pass the link along to others that you know if you think they’d be interested.  Organic promotion, to me, is a more desirable way to gain momentum here than needlessly spamming other people’s blogs.  In the mean time, I’ll include the address here in my signature when I do post in forums and other blogs.  In the mean time, don’t forget to check out the galleries!

Thanks for your support!


July 30th, 2008 by Rick

The day started off a little weird….  I drove my wife’s SUV to work today, but didn’t bring the power cord for the router.  NO INTERNET IN THE CAR!!!!  Bummer.

Weird Wednesday?  Wired Wednesday? (obviously not today it wasn’t).  Wistful Wednesday? (no).  I’ll have to come back to this.

Not much of significance happened today, so maybe this post is more about being disciplined to write something – anything – for the sake of staying active. That should cover it.

Tech Geekend

July 28th, 2008 by Rick

Saturday and Sunday combined to make a successful tech weekend. Many thanks to Sony Vegas, Adobe OnLocation and my trusty MacBook Pro (yup – Vista on ‘da Mac).

The wedding went well… Read the rest of this entry »

Web 2.0

July 26th, 2008 by Rick

It occurs to me that Ive missed a fair share of Web 2.0. Perhaps that’s because I’m not particularly social to begin with?

Anyway, this is a start. Social or not, I’m writing this on my iTouch while I’m taking in a podcast before I go shoot video of a wedding that I have to post online so the groom’s family can see it overseas. Whew. With a little luck, I won’t have to talk to anyone (j/k)!

Geek or No?

July 25th, 2008 by Rick

What defines it? Having tech stuff? No… Technical babble three levels above nerd? Not really. Writing code? Nope.

As you’ll see, at least in my world, the definition is more about taking the cool tech stuff and combining it in ways that average, ordinary folks wouldn’t think of. Read the rest of this entry »