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More on Multimediography @ CES 2011

January 10th, 2011 by Rick


I had a great time over the past 6 days working as a multimediographer for the Techpodcasts team at CES 2011!  My primary role was shooting video while the individual show hosts interviewed exhibitors on the convention floor.  These videos were fed into a Newtek Tricaster for play during breaks from the live streaming, and for play overnight.  These videos, including two that we shot at the NBC Universal set (above) will also play for many months to come at Techpodcasts.com (we shot a TON of content!).

For still photography, I broke out the Nikon D7000 to grab photos from the show, including shots of the show talent, products and a few behind-the-scenes shots.  I shot RAW + .jpg in the camera (RAW on one card, .jpg on the other) which helped us get the files uploaded fast.  Most were shot without a flash (thanks to the great high-ISO performance of the D7000) and I got the vast majority of them right in the camera.  These photos are up on the Techpodcasts Flickr stream now and will soon be in my Flickr stream and in this gallery.  We covered the gamut of technology at CES 2011 including everything from pocket sized USB gadgets all the way up through the just-announced 2012 Ford Focus Electric.

I also had a chance to run the Tricaster for a couple of hours during live streaming (above).  Very, very cool…  I got a few tips from @planojac and then jumped in.  I made a few mistakes, but kept the show running while Jack jumped out to take a look around on the exhibit floor.  It was awesome to see the viewers participate via chat during the live streaming – it added another dimension for them (and for us!).

Six days, many miles walked and some very sore muscles, but it was a great experience!  It was great to be able to jump into both the video and photography worlds, all at once, in a fast-paced environment.  Photographers who aren’t brushing up on their video skills should be, and videographers who aren’t learning photography are missing out as well.  Multimediographer skills are necessary in New Media!


“No Hands” Photography of the Las Vegas Skyline

December 4th, 2010 by Rick

Here’s a short video of Eddie Yerkish (Eddie Yerkish Photography) shooting photos of the Las Vegas strip from a hilltop on a cold and windy evening.

Las Vegas Snapshots

December 2nd, 2010 by Rick

Last night I ended up at the Aria and on the Las Vegas Strip with the D7000.  I had a chance to shoot, but with conditions – handheld only, and do it without unduly slowing down the people I was with (my boss and her boss).  They’re both patient and accommodating, but they didn’t come to watch me take pictures…

Within those boundaries, I think things worked out pretty well.  I was shooting bracketed for HDR (all of the gallery photos went through Photomatix).  The D7000 did great – I shot at 1600 ISO, at F2.8 with my Nikon 17-55.  The Aria is full of interesting sights and of course the strip is always interesting…  It reminded me that although I live here in Vegas, I don’t get down to the strip as often as I should to shoot photos.


Las Vegas Skyline with D7000

November 23rd, 2010 by Rick

I recently had the opportunity to shoot the Las Vegas skyline with friend Eddie Yerkish and the D7000.  Eddie is a great photographer – be sure to check out his work at http://www.eyphotogallery.com/

It was a cold and very windy evening on top of a local hill.  So windy, in fact, that our tripods would blow over if we weren’t careful!  Despite the challenge of keeping the camera still in the high wind, I ended up with some nice shots!  This single exposure shows the Las Vegas Strip from the southwest looking northeast.

Photomatix already supports Nikon’s camera raw format.  Thanks to Eddie’s eye for composition, I got a series of great shots of the Las Vegas Strip and the rising full moon framed through this rustic shelter window.  Photomatix made the HDR easy.

The high winds were part of a storm that left snow on the mountains west of Las Vegas earlier in the day.  Although most of the storm had moved out before we started shooting, the remaining clouds glowed at dusk.  Las Vegas is a surreal city, so the surreal look of HDR fits!

The D7000 did an admirable job of capturing these scenes.  I’m still getting used to all of the extra pixels that the 16 megapixel sensor captures.  The noise was low (as expected at 100 ISO).  I also shot a few videos which I’ll post later.


Las Vegas Photography Opportunities Part 2

October 13th, 2008 by Rick

Last time, I talked a little bit about the Las Vegas Strip.  This time, we’re going out into the beautiful Red Rocks a few miles west of Las Vegas.  Officially known as the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, the area is managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  The area is popular with tourists, photographers, hikers, mountain bikers and general sight seers.  If you’re on the Strip, it will take you about 25 minutes to get to the park.  If you take Charleston Boulevard straight west, you can’t miss it.  As you drive into the area, you’ll see the Spring Mountains in front of you and the red hills of Red Rock on the right.  First, you’ll pass a small road to Calico Basin (worthy of exploring, but not part of the park) and then you’ll see the turnoff for the visitor center.  If you continue west past the visitor center, you’ll see an overlook (where the first two of these three photos were taken).

There are many awesome vantage points within the park – some are accessible right form the road and some are remote.  The park can be enjoyed from the 13 mile scenic loop – there are plenty of stopping points at areas of interest.  Note that you’ll have to pay a $5.00 entry fee at the gate.  To take advantage of the beautiful desert light, consider showing up right after sunrise or just before sunset.  The red hills are nesteled between the Las Vegas valley and the Spring Mountain range, so the sun is always changing the available views – what works in the morning won’t work in the evening.

Remember that Las Vegas has much more to offer than just the casinos, gambling and the night life!  The beauty of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is remarkable and unique to Southern Nevada’s desert!  If you get out to

Las Vegas Photography Opportunities Part 1

October 9th, 2008 by Rick

Being in Las Vegas means that there are tons of opportunities for awesome photos. Since some of you undoubtedly travel to Vegas, I thought I’d provide you with a list of must see places to go.  This topic will span several posts, so check back often.

The first and most obvious is the Strip. Known officially as Las Vegas Boulevard, the Strip is the focal point of tourist activity. The casinos themselves are great places to start. The themes of the casinos create great opportunities – for example, the sights of the Venetian and its canals are much different from the New York New York theme.  Nightime views are amazing with all the lights. From the top of the Stratosphere you can view the whole city (for a small price). Another vantage point is the top of the Eifel tower at the Paris Hotel & Casino (again, be prepared to pay a small fee for the experience).  There are water shows, roller coasters, art, people (some really interesting ones at that!), desert scenes, and much more.

In future posts, we’ll take a look at other places including Red Rocks, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Nelson and others.

2008 Super Run Gallery

October 6th, 2008 by Rick

Now that the initial move of the blog is over, I thought I’d post a little more information about the 2008 Super Run that I shot pictures of last weekend. The event was awesome… Henderson’s main street was shut down for several blocks, and there was nothing but beautiful cars being showcased.

With the huge number of people that turned out for the event, it was a bit tough getting shots of the cars by themselves. I was there on Saturday, so there were tons of folks out enjoying the beautiful weather and sights. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to see everything… too many cars and too little time. Overall, I shot just over 300 photos – almost 250 of them are displayed in the gallery.

Take a peek and let me know what you think. Remember that you can browse to your heart’s content – and if you like something, you can buy it right online. Whether you want a print or just something for your personal blog, you’ll surely find one that you’ll love!

Site Updates & New Gallery

October 5th, 2008 by Rick

The move is under way!  The place is definitely taking on more of a photography site feel, now that I’m purposefully moving it in that direction.  There are many changes yet to come, but there are links between the Lautenbach Photography Galleries and this blog.  The return trip from the gallery page is the “blog” link in the header.

Right now, visitors to www.lautenbachphotography.com still land on the galleries first.  That’s not the best for search engine optimization since it is a flash site, but changing it will have to wait until a bit later.

While you’re visiting our galleries, don’t forget to check out some of the latest pictures!  Last weekend, I was out at an awesome car show in Henderson, NV called the “Super Run”.  It was chock full of beautiful hot rods of all types – muscle cars, antiques, dragsters and more.  Click here for the 2008 Super Run gallery page (alternately found under “Events” if you surf into the main gallery page).