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More on Multimediography @ CES 2011

January 10th, 2011 by Rick


I had a great time over the past 6 days working as a multimediographer for the Techpodcasts team at CES 2011!  My primary role was shooting video while the individual show hosts interviewed exhibitors on the convention floor.  These videos were fed into a Newtek Tricaster for play during breaks from the live streaming, and for play overnight.  These videos, including two that we shot at the NBC Universal set (above) will also play for many months to come at Techpodcasts.com (we shot a TON of content!).

For still photography, I broke out the Nikon D7000 to grab photos from the show, including shots of the show talent, products and a few behind-the-scenes shots.  I shot RAW + .jpg in the camera (RAW on one card, .jpg on the other) which helped us get the files uploaded fast.  Most were shot without a flash (thanks to the great high-ISO performance of the D7000) and I got the vast majority of them right in the camera.  These photos are up on the Techpodcasts Flickr stream now and will soon be in my Flickr stream and in this gallery.  We covered the gamut of technology at CES 2011 including everything from pocket sized USB gadgets all the way up through the just-announced 2012 Ford Focus Electric.

I also had a chance to run the Tricaster for a couple of hours during live streaming (above).  Very, very cool…  I got a few tips from @planojac and then jumped in.  I made a few mistakes, but kept the show running while Jack jumped out to take a look around on the exhibit floor.  It was awesome to see the viewers participate via chat during the live streaming – it added another dimension for them (and for us!).

Six days, many miles walked and some very sore muscles, but it was a great experience!  It was great to be able to jump into both the video and photography worlds, all at once, in a fast-paced environment.  Photographers who aren’t brushing up on their video skills should be, and videographers who aren’t learning photography are missing out as well.  Multimediographer skills are necessary in New Media!


Parallels Revisited

October 20th, 2008 by Rick

A few days have passed since discovering the beautiful combination of the Mac OS, Windows, Boot Camp and Parallels. I haven’t been disappointed… and for the most part, everything has worked exceptionally well. A few gotchas, but no deal breakers (at least for what I’m trying to accomplish). Between the home office and work, we’ve got three MacBook Pros set up this way.

As I noted before, the beauty of this arrangement is that both OS’s are able to run at once. You can copy and paste between both sides and there is shared file space (we took that one step further and included a FAT32 partition).

The obvious gotchas include shared resources (RAM and CPU), generic virtualized hardware, licensing issues with certain software and a few incompatibilities. The licensing issues can go beyond the OS activation problems warned about in the Parallels documentation (the requirement for multiple Windows serial numbers depending on the flavor and level chosen). The reason for activation issues stems from activation schemes that look at differences in hardware as a way to detect multiptle installs. Even though you’re only installing on one physical computer, Boot Camp and Parallels make it appear as two different boxes because of the virtualized software.

Adobe threw me an activation curve because of the different hardware look. I have the CS3 Master Collection Suite for Windows. They allow two concurrent activations – one on a desktop and one on a laptop, which I’ve taken advantage of (one on my MBP Boot Camp partition and one on my desktop). When I fired up Windows via Parallel and ran Photoshop, it gave me an activation issue. I haven’t yet researched to see whether Adobe will make exceptions for virtualized installs, but I’m not optimistic.

That’s enough for now… I’m writing on the plane and it’s about time to land.


Another Advancement In Geekery

October 18th, 2008 by Rick

I’m certainly not the first to blog about how to dual boot a Mac with Boot Camp, or to use Parallels.  In fact, for those of you with any significant cross-platform computing experience, you may yawn – but today was a great day in my view.  Based on some research we did at work to integrate new MacBook Pro’s into our Windows-based workflow, I ended up being a Parallels convert.

I’ve been running my MacBook Pro dual booted between Tiger and Vista since I got it.  With the huge investment I have in Windows software, it only made sense.  In fact, if I couldn’t have made the Mac work with Windows software, I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place.  Over time, I went from using the Vista side about 90% of the time to most recently using the Tiger side most often.  Still, there are things I need in Vista that I don’t have on the Mac.  Unfortunately, Boot Camp requires a reboot…  not optimal.

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Lack O’ Tech

August 11th, 2008 by Rick

It’s not often anymore that I get wrapped so tight in my job and life that I have a relative tech-free period. In this case, it was 5 days. Yes, f-i-v-e days.

Thursday through Monday (yes, over a weekend) I went without much of the normal geek stuff. A bit of TV, but that hardly counts anyway. A quick look on the Internet before and after work, but not much more. Now, on the plane ride home, life is about to get back to normal. Whew.

Tech Geekend

July 28th, 2008 by Rick

Saturday and Sunday combined to make a successful tech weekend. Many thanks to Sony Vegas, Adobe OnLocation and my trusty MacBook Pro (yup – Vista on ‘da Mac).

The wedding went well… Read the rest of this entry »

Geek or No?

July 25th, 2008 by Rick

What defines it? Having tech stuff? No… Technical babble three levels above nerd? Not really. Writing code? Nope.

As you’ll see, at least in my world, the definition is more about taking the cool tech stuff and combining it in ways that average, ordinary folks wouldn’t think of. Read the rest of this entry »


July 25th, 2008 by Rick

Net nuisances…  setting up my geekster blog and it’s only fitting that I plug “The Tech Guy” (Leo Laporte) in my blogroll.  Cool – link up – only to find that his site is overwhelmed at the moment and it’s throwing database errors.  The price of popularity.